Astronaut Wish List

Astronaut Wish List
Please use this secure online form to submit your Astronaut Wish Lists to us.

Who would you like to meet?
  • Astronauts
  • Cosmonauts
  • Space Scientists
  • Mission Controllers
Let us know and we'll use the most popular requests to plan and influence future space events.
Giving us your name, town and email address will help us host/influence these events to be held in the most appropriate location and let you be among the first to the know and get tickets.

Each year we'll invite the top 3 most frequently requested astronauts to the UK for a public appearance!
Welcome to the Astronaut Wish List...
NOTICE: Please do not request active/serving astronauts who already perform many public outreach events each year and often have a very busy training schedule. Votes for any active/serving astronauts can not be considered (and yes that includes our favourite Tim Peake).

Astro Wish List

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