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  April 2017

The future for the UK space industry

The Future For The UK Space Industry

In the context of Government’s ongoing target for the UK to capture 10% of the global space market by 2030, delegates at this conference will consider key opportunities and challenges ahead for the UK space industry. Speakers and other delegates at this conference are expected to be a senior and informed group numbering around 120, including Members of both Houses of Parliament.
Location: London. Check website for further details.
Date & Time:  Tuesday 25th April 2017.

  May 2017

Prof Brian Cox UK Tour
Prof Brian Cox UK Tour

Prof. Brian CoxLive UK Stage Tour

Peterborough Arena. Thursday 4th May 2017.
Sheffield Motorpoint Arena. Friday 5th May 2017.
Liverpool Echo Arena. Saturday 6th May 2017.
Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre. Sunday 7th May 2017.
Derby Arena. Tuesday 9th May 2017.
Plymouth Pavilions. Wednesday 10th May 2017.
Nottingham Motorpoint Arena. Thursday 11th May 2017.
Birmingham Barclaycard Arena. Friday 12th May 2017.
Newcastle Metro Radio Arena. Saturday 13th May 2017.
Leeds First Direct Arena. Sunday 14th May 2017.
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th May 2017.
Glasgow SSE Hydro. Friday 19th May 2017.
Aberdeen Exhibition Centre. Saturday 20th May 2017.
Manchester Arena. Sunday 21st May 2017.
Belfast SSE Arena. Tuesday 23rd May.
Dublin 3Arena. Wednesday 24th May 2017.
London SSE Arena Wembley. Friday 26th May 2017.

Due to the high popularity of this tour, these extra dates and venues have been added!

The hotly anticipated tour by the acclaimed Professor Brian Cox, OBE. The show will take audiences on a dazzling journey through space and time, delving into ‘high science’ and freewheeling on the edges of the known cosmos. Whether an avid science reader or a total novice, Professor Brian Cox Live will test the limits of our knowledge and make highly complex ideas accessible to all. Always captivating, continually surprising and forever pushing the boundaries, Professor Brian Cox takes science to a new dimension in this new stage show.

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Space Missions

Space Missions, the What, How and Why

Royal Academy of Engineering East Midlands Regional lecture hosted by the University of Leicester. Dr Matt Perkins FREng, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford University Innovation Ltd, will deliver his talk about space missions.
Location: University of Leicester.
Date & Time: 4.30pm, Thursday 4th May 2017.

The British Interplanetary Society Events

The Future of Space Exploration

The Wells & Mendip Astronomers and BIS (South-west) are hosting a talk on by Dr. David Baker FBIS, former NASA engineer and Editor of ‘Spaceflight’ magazine and is open to both members and non-members.
Location:  Wells & Mendip Museum, Somerset.
Date & Time:   7.30pm, Friday 5th May 2017.

British Interplanetary Society Introduction To Rocket Science
Astronaut Catherine Cady Coleman
Astronaut Catherine Cady Coleman

"An Introduction to Rocket Science" Course

The British Interplanetary Society is offering a one-day course aimed at the general public with no knowledge of space. There will be 12 presentations, each covering a different aspect of space science, done quickly, entertainingly and giving an overview by special guest speakers in the historic Faraday Theatre of The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London.
Includes live visit and talk from NASA Astronaut Catherine Coleman!
Certificate of attendance signed by the BIS President.

Date & Time:  8:30am-6:00pm, Saturday 6th May 2017.

Royal Astronomical Society

ESA's Space Science and Exploration Missions

Prof. Mark McCaughrean presents recent results from ongoing missions, including the Milky Way surveyor Gaia, the gravitational wave technology testbed LISA Pathfinder, and present results from two major solar system missions, namely the Rosetta comet chaser and the ExoMars 2016 mission. Concludes with a look forward to the exciting new mission currently being built.
Choice of afternoon and evening lectures. No booking required.

 The Geological Society, Burlington House, London.
Date & Time: 
1:00pm & 6:00pm. Tuesday 9th May 2017.

Planets, Galaxies and Time Travel with Professor J.Richard Gott

Planets, Galaxies and Time Travel with Professor J.Richard Gott

One of the world’s leading Professors of Astrophysics, J. Richard Gott from Princeton University will take us on an Astrophysical Tour of planets, stars, galaxies , black holes, wormholes, and time travel.
Location:  CNCFD, Soho, London.
Date & Time:  6:45pm, Wednesday 10th May 2017.

Mercury Spacecraft Book Signing

Mercury Spacecraft Book Signing

Designed by the US Air Force and developed by NASA, the Mercury spacecraft carried America’s first astronauts into space and served as the template for Gemini and Apollo. Spaceflight Editor David Baker gives a talk on this iconic vehicle, subject of his latest book, and springs some surprises missed by previous historians.
Location: BIS, London.
Date & Time:   7:00pm, Thursday 11th May 2017.

Astronaut Sigmund Jähn
Astronaut Hans Schlegel
Astronaut Mikhail Kornienko
Astronaut Matthias Maurer

German Space Travel Exhibition

Sigmund Jähn (Soyuz 31)
Hans Schlegel (STS-55, STS-122)
Mikhail Kornienko (Soyuz TMA-18, ISS 23/24, Soyuz TMA-16M, ISS 43/44/45/46)
Matthias Maurer (ESA astronaut in training)

Location: Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, Germany.
Date & Time:   13th-14th May 2017.

Pint of Science Festival 2017

Pint of Science Festival UK

Pint of Science returns to pubs throughout the UK with a series of talks from leading scientists and professionals.
Location: Pubs throughout the United Kingdom.
Date & Time:  15th - 17th May 2017.

Astronaut Kevin Ford

Astronaut Kevin Ford

Public event with a lecture about his two space missions followed by Q&A discussion and autograph session. Only regular museum ticket is needed to attend.
Location:  Technik Museum Speyer, Germany.
Date & Time:  2:30pm, Saturday 27th May 2017.

UK Space Conference 2017

UK Space Conference 2017

The UK Space Conference brings together the space community to focus on positioning the UK as a leading economy in this fast developing sector. The event is an opportunity to exchange information and improve understanding between government, industry, academia, end users, education providers, researchers and the financial community.
Location: Manchester Central Convention.
Date & Time:  Tuesday 30th May - Thursday 1st June 2017.

  June 2017

The British Interplanetary Society Events

BIS 37th BIS Russian/Sino (prev Soviet/Chinese) Technical Forum 2017

The Soviet/Chinese Technical Forum is one of the most popular and longest running events in the British Interplanetary Society’s history. This year marks the 37th Forum since its inception in 1980 and will continue the tradition of featuring a wide ranging agenda.
Location: The British Interplanetary Society, London.
Date & Time:   3rd-4th June 2017.

A Guide to the Unknown Universe  with Daniel Whiteson and Jorge Cham

A Guide to the Unknown Universe with Daniel Whiteson & Jorge Cham

From Jorge Cham the creator of the 50 million viewed PHD comics and Daniel Whiteson a Professor of Particle Physics, this illustrated talk by a cartoonist and a physicist is perfect for anyone who’s curious about all the great mysteries physicists are going to solve next. Many talks explain what we know about the universe. This one tackles all the weird stuff we haven’t figured out yet and at the same time demystifies a range of complicated things from quarks and neutrinos to gravitational waves and exploding black holes.
Location:  CNCFD, Soho, London.
Date & Time:  6:45pm, Tuesday 6th June 2017.

VISIONS OF SPACE 2 – An Exhibition of Astronomical & Space Art

VISIONS OF SPACE 2 – An Exhibition of Astronomical & Space Art

An Exhibition of Astronomical and Space Art by British IAAA artists, including David A. Hardy FBIS, Fellow and European Vice-President of the IAAA, former BIS President Bob Parkinson MBE, Jackie Burns, Richard Bizley, Gavin Mundy, Mark A. Garlick and Nick Stevens, as well as works by well-known US artists.
The exhibition will also feature a history of space exploration illustrated by models by BIS Fellow Mat Irvine, BBC special affects wizard, designer, producer and director.
Entrance is FREE.
Location: Wells & Mendip Museum, Somerset.
Date & Time:  10am-5pm, Saturday 9th June to Saturday 24th June 2017 (Closed Sundays).

SpaceUp London 2017

SpaceUp London 2017

On Saturday 10th June, people interested in space will be brought together to discuss, present and learn about space with other students, professionals and space players. Our theme for the day is ‘Your Place in Space‘. We’ll have keynote speakers, T-5 presentations and breakout grid sessions where participants can network and share their ideas.
Location:  University of London.
Date & Time:  Saturday 10th June 2017.

Meet Astronaut Alexei Leonov - The first man to walk in space.
Meet Apollo Astronaut Walter Cunningham
Meet Apollo 11 Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin
Meet Apollo 16 Moonwalker Charlie Duke
Meet Apollo 17 Moonwalker Harrison Schmitt
Meet NASA Space Shuttle Astronaut Sandra Magnus
Meet NASA Space Shuttle Astronaut Terry Virts
Meet Stephen Hawking Theoretical physicist
Meet Alexander Volkov
Meet Sergey Volkov
Meet Christer Fuglesang
Meet Brian Cox

STARMUS Festival IV: Life And The Universe

The Starmus Festival was born to celebrate science and the arts with the goal of bringing an understanding and appreciation of science to the public at large. Starmus IV is going to be the biggest Starmus festival yet: an international star-studded gathering of scientists, artists, musicians, writers, business leaders, and more; all coming together to celebrate science. It will be an exciting festival of talks, concerts, debates, parties, and learning.
Trondheim, Norway.
Date & Time:
18th – 23rd June 2017.
  • Alexei Leonov (Voskhod 2, Apollo Soyuz Test Project)
  • Walter Cunningham  Cancelled (Apollo 7)
  • Buzz Aldrin (Gemini 12, Apollo 11)
  • Charles Duke (Apollo 16)
  • Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17)
  • Sandra Magnus (STS-112, STS-126, ISS 18, STS-135)
  • Terry Virts (STS-130, Soyuz TMA-15M, ISS 42/43)
  • Stephen Hawking (Theoretical physicist)
  • Brian Cox (Physicist)
  • Christer Fuglesang (STS-116, STS-128)
  • Alexander Volkov (Soyuz T-14, Soyuz TM-7, Soyuz TM-13)
  • Sergey Volkov (Soyuz TMA-12, ISS 17, Soyuz TMA-02M, ISS-28/29, Soyuz TMA-18M, ISS 45/46)
    and many more scientists including Planetary Scientists, Astrophysicists and Nobel Laureates.

Museum of the Moon

Museum of the Moon

The London premiere of Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon combines lunar imagery and moonlight emanating from an incredible seven metre moon sculpture, featuring detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface and a surround sound composition features archive audio from moon landings. 
Date & Time10:00pm, Friday 23rd June 2017.

Alexei Leonov

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

Space Lectures are proud to confirm that Alexei Leonov, retired Soviet/Russian cosmonaut, Air Force Major general, a writer and an artist will be joining us for public lecture and gala dinner events. Meet first-hand a pioneer from the golden age of manned spaceflight.Lecture, photos, audience Q&A, autographs and gala dinner events.
Lecture: Featherstone, West Yorkshire. 10:30am. Saturday 24th June 2017.
Gala Dinner: Kings Croft Hotel, Pontefract. 6:00pm, Saturday 24th June 2017.

NASA Astronaut Mike Foale

Astronaut Mike Foale
Mir Space Station Collision Special Event

An audience with British-born NASA Astronaut Mike Foale to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Mir Space Station M-34 collision in space. Mike will narrate, live on stage, a feature length audio-visual presentation including private videos, photos and a personal account of what really caused the collision and exactly how the crew and Mir Space Station were saved.
Event includes meet & greet, photo-shoot, lecture, interview, audience Q&A, autographs and a VIP option.
Come and share in this celebration of a British NASA astronaut and his achievements, the first British citizen to walk in space and former Commander of the International Space Station.
Date & Time:  12pm-6pm, Saturday 24th June 2017.

RAF Spadeadam and Old Blue Streak Facilities
BIS Trip to visit RAF Spadeadam and Old Blue Streak Facilities

BIS visit to RAF Spadeadam and the Blue Streak Facilities

The BIS History Committee is proposing a visit to RAF Spadeadam in Cumbria to tour the RAF station and visit the surviving old Blue Streak testing facilities. The Spadeadam Rocket Establishment was chosen by the Ministry of Aviation in 1955 as the first site to develop and test the proposed Blue Streak IRBM. The first underground launch site was also to be built. The design of the test facilities was the model for the eventual Woomera Launch Centre in Australia.
Exclusive to BIS members only.
Please contact the BIS to register your interest before end of July 2016 (link below).

 RAF Spadeadam, Cumbria.
Date & Time: 
Proposed visit will take place over two days, probably during the 19-25th June 2017.

The Royal Institution

Apocalypse How

In billions of years, the sun will expand to engulf the Earth and life on this planet will become impossible. But there are plenty of ways it could end much sooner! Just in time for Asteroid Day, join Lewis Dartnell and a panel of scientists and disaster experts including Vinay Gupta and Hugh Lewis for a discussion on how to cancel the apocalypse.
Date & Time:  7:00pm, Wednesday 28th June 2017.

  July 2017

The North West Astronomy Festival

The North West Astronomy Festival

The North West Astronomy Festival is an annual event in Runcorn Cheshire delivering a packed programme of talks, presentations, activities, trade, clubs & societies and a Social Supper.
Location: The Heath Business & Technical Park, Runcorn.
Date & Time: 10:00am to 5:00 pm, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July 2017.

Bluedot Festival 2017

Bluedot Festival 2017

An intergalactic festival of Music, Science, Technology & The Exploration of Space held at the iconic Jodrell Bank Observatory.
Location: Jodrell Bank, Cheshire.
Date & Time:  Friday 7th - Sunday 9th July 2017.

Alexei Leonov

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov visits Europe's biggest exhibition for human space flight at Technik Museum Speyer, Germany for a free lecture, audience Q&A and mail-in signing. Only standard museum entry ticket is required to attend lecture (350 seats available).
Location: Technik Museum Speyer, Germany.
Date & Time: 2:30pm, Saturday 8th July 2017.

Stories in the Sky by Southend Libraries and Museums

Stories in the Sky

Discover the fascinating stories behind the constellations in the night sky. Why is Cancer the crab among the stars? Why are Orion and Scorpius so far from each other? Talks suitable for children aged 3+.
Location:  Southend Central Museum & Planetarium.
Date & Time: 11:00am, Tuesday 25th July 2017.

The Royal Institution

Eclipse: Journeys to the dark side of the Moon

On 21 August, over 100 million people will gather in a narrow belt across the USA to witness the most watched total solar eclipse in history. Former Christmas Lecturer Frank Close will describe why eclipses happen, their role in history and myth and reveal the spellbinding allure of this most beautiful natural phenomenon.
Date & Time:  7:00pm, Tuesday 25th July 2017.

  August 2017

Space Plus by Southend Libraries and Museums

Space Plus

Learn about space in our planetarium, handle actual meteorites and discover the size of the Solar System in our space workshop! Suitable for ages 7+ (children under 7 will not be admitted). Planetarium Show 45mins, Handling Session 15-30mins.
Location:  Southend Central Museum & Planetarium.
Date & Time:11am & 3pm, Tuesdays 1st, 15th & 29th August 2017.

Stories in the Sky by Southend Libraries and Museums

Stories in the Sky

Discover the fascinating stories behind the constellations in the night sky. Why is Cancer the crab among the stars? Why are Orion and Scorpius so far from each other? Talks suitable for children aged 3+.
Location:  Southend Central Museum & Planetarium.
Date & Time: 11:00am, Tuesday 8th August 2017.

SolarSphere 2017

SolarSphere 2017: Astronomy & Music Festival

A family festival combining Music and Astronomy. Event includes; Solar and night sky observing, planetarium shows, astronomy talks and workshops, trade stands, camping and lots of music. A full schedule of events will be confirmed nearer the time.
Location: Penmaenau Farm Builth Well Powys Wales.
Date & Time:  Friday 11th August 2017 - Monday 14th August 2017.

Stories in the Sky by Southend Libraries and Museums

Stories in the Sky

Discover the fascinating stories behind the constellations in the night sky. Why is Cancer the crab among the stars? Why are Orion and Scorpius so far from each other? Talks suitable for children aged 3+.
Location:  Southend Central Museum & Planetarium.
Date & Time: 11:00am, Tuesday 22nd August 2017.

  September 2017

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Lovell Lecture – Pulsars: Lighthouses of the Skies

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the discovery of pulsars, we’re delighted to welcome Professor Joel Weisberg to present our September Lovell Lecture. Co-author of over 60 scientific journal articles, author of an annotated bibliography on pulsars, and editor of a further book of pulsar articles, Weisberg is a leading figure in the field of pulsar research..
Location:  Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield.
Date:  7:30pm, Wednesday 6th September 2017.

Meet Astronaut Capt Jim Lovell

Astronaut Jim Lovell

Captain James Lovell will be opening the International Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2017. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to attend a special formal dinner event during which Captain James Lovell will give a talk. 
Date:  7:00pm, Tuesday 19th September 2017.

Star City VIP Tour & Cosmonaut Training Experience

Star City, Russia VIP Tour & Cosmonaut Training Experience

Join us for a VIP Tour & Cosmonaut Training Experience in Star City, Russia! You'll spend 4 days living in the heart of Star City with Astronaut Jean-Loup Chrétien, gaining insight and hands-on experience with Cosmonaut training direct from the real trainers and technicians of the Russian Space Agency.
Meet real Cosmonauts both historic and present day!
Fully escorted tour including flights, transfers, hotels & more.
Includes 2 days in Moscow for the famous Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, go inside a real Buran Space Shuttle, visit Gagarin and Korolev at the Kremlin wall and some tourist sight-seeing.
This is a non-profit, adult only group tour in partnership with the Int. Space School Education Trust; supporting British student experiments being performed aboard the International Space Station.
BOOK NOW! Click here for further details.

  October 2017

World Space Week 2017

World Space Week 2016
Cunard QM2 World Space Week 2017 Cruise
Meet NASA Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman

"Space Cruise" Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing

Embark on a 7 night Eastbound Transatlantic crossing aboard the Cunard Queen Mary 2 and celebrate International World Space Week with a host of space experts from many fields. Guest speakers include:
  • Charles Barclay (Royal Astronomical Society)
  • Dr Ken MacTaggart (NASA Historian)
  • Jeffrey Hoffman (NASA Astronaut)
  • Stephen Attenborough (Virgin Galactic)
Location: New York to Southampton. Eastbound Transatlantic.
Date & Time: 
6th - 13th October 2016.

Asteroid Mining – A new gold rush or a way of going bust?

Asteroid Mining – A new gold rush or a way of going bust?

Michael Morris Franks LLB FBIS | Partner William Sturges LLP delivers a thought provoking lecture about the future of space mining.
Location: The Lecture Club, London.
Date & Time: 6:30pm, Tuesday 10th October 2017.

The International Astronomy Show 2017

The International Astronomy Show 2017

One of the astronomy social events of the year! World renowned speakers, trade stands, displays and more.
List of speakers and exhibitors to be announced over the coming weeks. Watch this space!
Location:  Stoneleigh Park, Coventry.
Date & Time: 13th-14th October 2017.

RISpace 2017

RISpace 2017

Reinventing Space, organised by the British Interplanetary Society, is a conference and exhibition dedicated to one of the space industry’s fastest growing sectors – low cost access and utilisation of space. It is the largest conference worldwide in this important sector and was the second biggest space event in the UK during 2015.
Location: Strathclyde University’s Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow.
Date & Time:  24th-26th October 2017.

UK Space TV Programmes
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Freeview TV Guide - Space programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
UK Space TV Guide - Space Programmes on UK TV
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